D.I.Y Beauty – Lavender, Honey and Oat daily facial scrub

This scrub is very gentle and can be used daily. It should last around 1-2 weeks. It leaves the skin feeling very clean, refreshed, firmed and smooth for a good few hours after using.  Be warned, it smells so amazing that you’d be tempted to eat it!


You will need:

1/2 a cup of oats (loosely ground, you don’t want a powder)

5-7 drops of lavender oil (lavender oil is suitable in the healing of scars, is an antiseptic, can treat acne and is suitable for oilyAND dry skin)

oil from two  Evening Primrose  oil capsules (this is good for the skin, acne breakouts and eczema)

1 tsp of nutmeg (this is a natural astringent and good for acne breakouts)

2-3 tbsp of honey (natural all round wonder product. Good for skin, breakouts, soothing, and contains antioxidants)

Mix it all together (add more honey if needed) to form a very loose paste. Then store in a jar or tupperware container.