An art based plea for help!

I need your help. Years ago I bought a postcard of a painting. I can’t remember the name of the artist our the title. I’m hoping that if I describe it, one of you out there will know of it.

It’s of a couple of vegetables (I’m fairly certain they’re potatoes) driving a pickle jar car. It’s in a cobbled street and there are two carrots walking on the pavement. There is also a street sign in German. The colours are subdued and while it’s a cute scene, there’s something eerie about it. It’s a proper painting and not a kids picture.

It sounds surreal I know, but I didn’t dream it, it wasn’t the result of a drug induced haze! But I’m desperate to find it. If anyone knows of the painting or the artist then please get in touch. If you don’t know of it then I’d appreciate as many reblogs as possible so more people can read this query, I’m that desperate to find it. Thank you 🙂

Edit 03/01/15 I’ve found it thanks to twitter!


By the artist Michael Sowa 🙂