An art based plea for help! Pt 2

A few weeks ago, I enrolled the help of the internet to find the name of an artist I had loved many years ago (It was twitter who came to my rescue and the artist was Michael Sowa). I’m after the internet’s help again. Many years ago, I watched a documentary about an artist who did very intricate designs of imaginary city scapes usually industrial involving lots of cross hatching, shadowing, pulleys and Heath Robinson type of machinery. He used black pens as his medium. That’s all I can remember. Does this ring any bells with anyone? If not could people please share this in the hope that it may reach someone who knows who I’m talking about? Many thanks 🙂

PS I know this name may get mentioned. It’s not him, but it’s no coincidence that I had recently seen their work and it had reminded me of the guy I’m after.