I’ve just finished reading: The Witches of Notting Hill


This book is horrendous. It’s appalling. It’s full of misogyny,  sexism,  bad writing,  plotholes, stereotypical characters and because of this it’s brilliant. If I were to compare it to Lady Don’t Fall Backwards, some of you will instantly know what I mean.

In an episode of Hancock’s Half Hour –  The Missing Page – Tony Hancock gets a book out of the library: Lady Don’t Fall Backwards by D’Arcy Sarto. It’s full of improbable deaths and hard nosed detectives. The Witches of Notting Hill follows the pattern extremely well.

The protagonist is a detective called Sexton Blake. He lives in Baker Street, has a housekeeper and a bloodhound called Pedro. There’s a whole series of these books and as much as I enjoyed the kitschness of this, I won’t be in a hurry to search out the rest of the books.

The story involves a Con man taking a group of wealthy people out to a stone circle for a fake satanic ritual and they find a murder victim. The story rambles on and fills with stereotypes and ends with one of the most improbable deaths I’ve ever read.

If you can find it,  read it just for the experience of reading badly written 60s pulp fiction.

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