Beauty: Coconut Oil Shaving Butter

I’m fast becoming a fan of coconut oil. Last week I told you about using it as a hair mask,  today it’s shaving butter! 

When I usually shave,  unless I’m using ultra expensive Venus blades,  my legs get cut to ribbons. It doesn’t matter which gel or foam I use. It doesn’t matter whether I exfoliate or not. It doesn’t matter if I massage hot water into my legs first.  The results are always that I end up covered in small nicks.

Then I heard someone mention that they use coconut oil to shave with and immediately I was interested. So I concocted up a small jar of beautifully scented body butter and tried it shaving.   I was using crappy disposable razors and the results were outstanding.  No a single cut,  not a single scratch.  Just beautiful,  soft,  smooth hair free legs.  I now won’t shave with any other gel or foam.  This stuff is the future.


4-6 tbsps coconut oil (solid)
2 vitamin E capsules
1 drop of patchouli oil
3 drops of rosewood oil.
(scented oils are optional)

In a bowl place the coconut oil.  With an electric whisk,  whisk up the oil for a few minutes. It should end up light and fluffy. 

Snip off the ends of the capsules and squeeze the oil into the bowl.  Then add the scented oil (if using). Using the whisk,  blend in.


Transfer into a jar.  This can be used as a normal body butter. If you want to shave with it,  massage in liberal amounts onto wet skin, shaved then rinse off. Your skin will be unbelievably soft.

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  1. This is such a great idea! I’m loving the oil right now for my hair, so I’ll have to try this too! 🙂

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