Deciphering the American Baker’s Code

Americans, they haves some of the best looking and best sounding recipes for dirty food EVER. However the measurements and names for things over there is very confusing. For instance, a few years ago, there seemed to be a never ending plethora of recipes needing the mysterious sounding  Graham Crackers. I tried everywhere to get them, only to be told by an American friend on twitter, that they were digestive biscuits.

So after much googling and collating ingfo, here’s a quick guide to measurement conversions, oven temperature conversions and ingredient explanations. It’s by no means comprehensive so if there’s anything missing, then let me know.

Cup conversions to grams and ounces

Chart conversion

Liquid measurement conversions

conversion chart 2

Oven temperature conversions



Corn starch (US) is Cornflour (UK)

Cake flour (US) is Low protein flour. Most are not self raising. Plain flour can be substituted for most recipes. To make cake flour substitue 20g of plain flour with cornflour, for every 120g of flour needed in a recipe. (UK)

Zucchini (US) is Courgette (UK)

Eggplant (US) is Aubergine (UK)

Arugula (US) is Rocket (UK)

Rutabaga (US) is Swede (UK)

Endive (US) is Chicory (UK)

Peppers (US) are Chilli peppers (UK)

Pepper (US) is Black peppercorns (UK)

Red Pepper (US) is Dried red chillis (UK)

Snowpeas (US) are Mange tout (UK)

Legume (US) are Pulses (UK)

Boiling Potat.(US) are Waxy Potatoes (UK)

Mealy Potat. (US) are Floury Potatoes (UK)

Green/String beans (US) are Runner Beans (UK)

Fava/Lima Benas (US) are Broad Beans (UK)

Kosher Salt (US) is Sea Salt (UK)

Cilantro (US) is Coriander (UK)

Celery Root (US) is Celariac (UK)

Cookies (US) are Biscuits (UK)

Biscuits (US) are Scones (UK)

Pancake (US) is Dropscone (UK)

Crepe (US) is Pancake (UK)

Frosting (US) is Icing (UK)

Turnovers (US) are Pasties (UK)

All purpose flour (US) is Plain flour (UK)

Bread flour (US) is Strong flour (UK)

Ground Beef (US) is Mince (UK)

Canadian Bacon (US) is Back Bacon (UK)

Bacon (US) is Streaky Bacon (UK)

Pork Rinds (US) is Scratching/crackling (UK)

Head Cheese (US) is Brawn (UK)

Cream (US) is Single cream (UK)

Half & Half (US) is Half cream Half milk

Powdered/Confectioner’s sugar (US) is Icing Sugar (UK)

Superfine sugar (US) is Caster Sugar (UK)

Jello (US) is Jelly (UK)

Jelly (US) is Seedless Jam (UK)

Cider (US) is Non alcoholic unfiltered apple juice (UK)

Tomato sauce (US) is Tomato based sauce for pizzas etc (UK)

Canola Oil (US) is Rapeseed oil (UK)

Graham Crackers (US) are Digestive biscuits (UK)

Shortening (US) is Oil that’s been hydrogenated (solid). Lard is often used as a replacement (UK)

Parchment Paper (US) is Greaseproof paper/ Baking Parchment (UK)

Baking Soda (US) is Bicarbonate of Soda (UK)

Baking Powder (US) is Baking Powder (UK) however in the US they have what’s known as “double acting” and it’s a bit more powerful than over here apparently.

Anyway, I hope this has been useful to you, and if I’ve missed anything off or have got something wrong, then please let me know!