I’ve just finished reading: Brutalism by Alexander Clement


Most of you who follow this blog will know of my alter ego The Brutal Artist, and my passion for drawing architecture, focusing mainly on Brutalism. Although I have a passion for it, I’m very much a beginner “student”, so I was hoping this book would be a motherload.

It’s a very interesting read, giving lots of technical info on the buildings it examines. However quite a few well known buildings are confined to small side information panels. I would have liked places such as the Tricorn Centre, St Peter’s Seminary and Cumbernauld to have been examined at greater length but the vast majority of this book is sadly London centric.

I’d advise you,  when reading this book, to have Google on hand. If you aren’t yet wholely familiar with architecture, a lot buildings are mentioned but no photos of them are printed in the book.

On the whole, it’s a good read and very informative but the quality of the images and lack of buildings elsewhere in the UK,  leave you vaguely dissatisfied.

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