I need help finding a book

I’ve tried Google Book Search and I’ve tried Amazon advanced search but to no avail.

A few years ago I read a book,  loved it,  but can’t remember the title or author and I need to find it.

It’s set in the 60s/70s in London and it’s written in a diary form of a young man who has joined an occult group (along with a friend)

This group is full of old men and women and as part of his novice status,  they instruct him to keep a diary. There’s mention of Crowley and the Cairo Event. It’s humorous throughout but things take a darker,  more poignant turn towards the end.

Does anybody know of the book?  I’d be grateful if this post was re blogged/shared on fb/twitter/Google + in order to get it out there so that someone who knows what I’m talking about will read this! 

Thanks in advance!

Update: I love this. Within seconds of asking Jon Ronson and Matt Berry for a RT on twitter and both very nicely obliging, 3 people responded with the answer. Satan Wants Me by Robert Irwin. Book is ordered, delivered on Monday. I love Social Media sometimes 🙂

2nd update, IT’S ARRIVED!




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