I’ve Just Finished Reading: Bridget Jones – Mad About The Boy


After the intensity of the last few books (and I’m reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell at the moment)  I needed some light relief so last week on Sunday I spent the afternoon reading this. 

I’ve a very eclectic taste in books, science, biography, classic literature, modern fiction, scifi and yes I’m partial to the odd chick lit book.

I read the previous Bridget Jones books years ago when they came out.  But for some reason I was totally unaware of this third one until I saw it in a charity shop.

Like the previous ones,  this is an easy read but it has more poignancy and there were a few moments where my eyes filled up.  I can’t give too much away if you haven’t read it. But I can safely say that if you enjoyed the first two books you’ll love this one.  Personally speaking, I think this is my favourite one of the three.

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