My Favourite Instagram Accounts

With social media sites becoming ever increasingly a vehicle for harassment and abuse, I’m fast losing my enthusiasm for it. However by far and wide my favourite social media platform is instagram. There is a lot about it that is annoying. The vacuous, vapid, vanity obsessed idiots posting nothing but selfies – both obvious and (in their eyes) not so obvious, making sure that their faces/breasts/legs are included in shot when taking a photo of oh I don’t know, the new coffee mug they bought. The constant use of the most popular #tags on their selfies/body parts shots (really, what has camping or coffee got to do with a photo of your legs in a bed, in your bedroom?).

That can get annoying. As are the consistent spam accounts – GET YOUR FREE 1000 FOLLOWERS. TAG PEOPLE TO GET THEM and then you find yourself tagged by someone you never knew existed. I always make a point of reporting the image, the account that posted the image and the idiot who tagged me, for posting spam. Yes there is a lot about instagram that is downright annoying. However for all it’s annoying points, there’s much to commend it.

I adore instagram and love photography – not posed, but natural shots. Images that are born out of one moment in time. Instagram will always have something on it to look at if you make use of the tag search function. The accounts I love, I have various reasons why they’ve made this list. Some because they provide a fascinating insight into a totally different way of life than your own. Some produce beautiful images, others produce thought provoking images. So I thought with this post, I’d bring you a list of my favourite accounts that bring a smile to my face each time I visit them.


@natgeo – National Geographic

@thephotosociety – photographers who contribute to the National Geographic magazine.

@usgs – U.S. Geological Survey

@mypubliclands – Bureau of Land Management

@grandcanyonnps – Grand Canyon National Park

@grandtetonnps – Grand Teton National Park

@yosemitenps – Yosemite National Park

@rockynps – Rocky Mountains National Park

@glaciernps – Glacier National Park

@usinterior – U.S Department of the Interior

@usfws – U.S Fish and Wildlife Service

@mounteverestofficial – Features not only Everest but other mountains too.

@explorenorthumberland – I live in a beautiful part of the UK and this account shows why

@chrisburkard – Chris Burkard photographer producing stunning images of our natural world.

@twwly  – Ashley Duncan. A Suicide Girl with her own farmstead. Rears animals to feed her family and posts photos of ridiculously cute goats and sheep (particularly during the birthing seasons)

@tathariel – elven queen cosplayer who posts sumptuous photos

@malbc – If anyone can make me want to take up fishing, this woman can.

@mountaintalk – This account is one of the most visually pleasing ones I’ve come across. Beautifully lit, composed photos of all things nature. This is one that I look forward to seeing whenever it appears on my feed.

@penguinthemagpie – as much as I love cats, you can keep your novelty cat accounts. This one beats them all hands down. Rescued and hand reared, Penguin refuses to leave her adopted family, resulting in some beautifully elegant, understated photos.

@thedaintysquid – One of my favourite bloggers and a huge inspiration on me. Always produces adorable photos.


 @tugboatprintshop – Gorgeous, sumptuously coloured, hand cut, wood cut prints.

@stonemaidenart – new to instagram and I’m so happy she’s arrived as I’ve followed her work on facebook for a while now.

@genmoody – Anthropology student at Durham and an incredible artist.

@mister_vi – Intricate, detailed and mind boggling architectural illustrations.

@livvykemp – one of my 2 favourite artists on instagram. She does intricate, extremely detailed, large drawings that are incredibly lifelike and I’m in awe of her talent. One day, just one day I’ll own a piece of her work.

@garnapa – the other of my 2 favourite artists on instagram. Focusing on textiles and producing copious amounts of inspiration.

@amandapalmer – what can I say, it’s Amanda-Fucking-Palmer. The woman is incredible.

@nina_kate – creator of original, stunningly pretty latex, owner of several tattoos, 1 fabulous cat called Maurice and a Silken Windhound called Floyd.

@jamesandkarla – photographers who shoot store fronts in New York – an endless provider of fodder for when I have drawing moods.


Just because these fall into the “other” category, doesn’t make them any less wonderful

@thingsifoundinrecords  – one of those “does what it says on the tin” accounts. Items found in 2nd hand records. Some of which are VERY random and bizarre.

@scifibookcovers – I end up coveting most of the books posted.

@msjackmonroe – one of my favourite food writers & inspirations and a genuinely lovely, lovely person.

@baileymoffatt and @shawn_mccarthy – they aren’t famous but by god they should be. One of my favourite couples on instagram. I do feel like a bit of stalker following them, but their feeds are so funny.  And they post dirty food porn.

@nasa  – well, it’s NASA isn’t it

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