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This is going to be a big post as it’s a blog post combined with a diary entry, so if you don’t like weddings or aren’t interested, I’d recommend skipping this post (but before you do, scroll down to see an awesome cake).

Yes,  if you saw the last 365 photo yesterday, you’ll know that Biker Dude (aka Q) and I got married on Saturday. There’s various reasons why it was kept off social media, which I’ll not go into, but early evening I had posted on twitter and Facebook,  this photo…


…with the caption “well that was a fun afternoon!”. To say a hell of a lot of people were surprised is an understatement.

Having used to help couples design their wedding stationery, I’ve witnessed an awful lot of horrible behaviours and attitudes from brides and their mothers.  So I was determined not to be one of those brides – making the day all about the bride and only the bride is repulsive to me. There are 2 people getting married so the wedding should be what those two people want,  not just the woman. So often,  the groom gets sidelined.

So I decided I’d make the wedding geared towards Q. The pair of us are huge Doctor Who fans,  however Q is a total Doctor Who geek – a Whovian. It made total sense that we have a Doctor Who themed wedding.

For 2 – 3 weeks prior to the big day,  I made order of services


Cake boxes


A wedding ring box (instead of a cushion)


buttonholes for the wedding party


and 2 bouquets – 1 for me and one for the matron of honour


(you’ll be seeing individual blog posts with instructions, appearing over the next few days).

And of course,  then there’s the wedding cake. We didn’t want a traditional fruit cake as not many people like it, and we wanted our guests to actually enjoy eating it rather than eating the icing and throwing away the cake (yes,  it does happen). We are both fans of Battenberg cake (and I don’t know many people that aren’t) so we opted for a blue and white version with a difference. At a Doctor Who/TARDIS themed wedding,  what else could we have but this…


How awesome is it?!  A parishioner of my dad’s has a sister who makes cakes and I think she did a spectacular job.

The service was at 1.30 and throughout the morning it was hectic but it seemed to drag. Then all of a sudden 11am surfaced and I started panicking as I hadn’t done my nails etc. From then on the house full of hectic rushing about. Then the photographer arrived. Q and I have a mutual friend who introduced us. He also happens to be an amazing photographer who has shot over 100 weddings so it was a no brainer that we should get him to take the photos.

(Incidentally,  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, friendship bias aside. I’ve not seen the finished photos yet,  but just the ones I saw on the back of the camera,  I was totally blown away as they were so much better than finished photos I’ve seen from many other photographers. His professionalism was amazing and he really is good at calming nervous brides!  You can check his work out here)

I was so caught up on getting my make up right and getting ready that I wasn’t even aware of Q leaving for church. My brother had his car decked out with blue and white ribbons and drove me, my Aunt Cal (who was my matron of honour) and my dad down. I was full of excitement,  butterflies and nervous giggles. I was convinced I was going to laugh throughout the service.

I walked up the aisle to Louis Armstrong’s We Have All The Time In The World (being a huge fan of Armstrong’s since I was a small child) and it was lovely to see all the guests there although most faces were a blur.

My dad,  being the vicar,  after walking me up the aisle,  conducted the service which added an extra special touch to it. I was so pleased that when it came to the vows, I didn’t laugh or cry (neither did Q) but I was smiling and could feel the pin pricks of tears during sudden rush of emotions. We walked down the aisle to Morecambe & Wise’s Bring Me Sunshine which put a smile on everyone’s face and it was lovely to hear the laughter.

After photos we all went back to my parents to have a spectacular buffet laid on by my mum. The day was very informal but full of love, warmth,  good food, drink and happiness. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves which made me so happy.

The bad weather held off and we had a lovely warm day,  right up until the last guests left and all of a sudden the heavens opened. After opening presents we waited for the taxi to take us to the hotel. That was when the lightning happened. In the taxi,  we were treated to an adrenaline,  hair raising 30 minute journey as we chased the lightning storm through dark country roads.

The taxi was filled with “F*****G HELL” and “WOOOAH DID YOU SEE THAT?!” from me,  Q and the taxi driver. Unwittingly I ended up crossing off an item on my bucket list as I’ve always wanted to chase a lightning storm. I’m thrilled and over the moon that it happened on my wedding day. It was a spectacular end to a perfect day.

I want to say to my parents,  that words cannot effectively state how much I appreciate all that you have done for me both in life and this wedding. I couldn’t imagine how it could have been any more perfect. All your hard work and patience with the odd wobble I’ve had is so appreciated xxx

I’m sorry I’ve blabbed on,  but I wanted to get all of this down so I can look back on  it and smile. Thank you for your patience 🙂


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