I’ve Just Finished Reading: Creepypasta Pasta of the Month September selection

If you’re not familiar with Creepypasta, it’s a web site that people post their creepy or scary stories to. They’re not necessarily stories in the traditional sense. For example some are portrayed as urban myths – The Slender Man started out as a creepy pasta written in the style of a wikipedia entry. Some take on the format of forums like Candle Cove (the very first pasta I read) Others have even been developed into novels such as the splendid Penpal (which I heartily recommend). There’s an enormous amount of talent on display, and sadly but obviously, some that lack a significant amount of talent. But it’s worth persevering through the dross to get to the good stuff.

Every month they have a Pasta of the Month Vote (you can find September’s here) and I thought I’d give my brief thoughts on each one.

The Number of Darkness
his is currently in the lead in the poll and at the risk of sounding rude, I can’t for the life me understand why. It’s set in 1860 and written in the style but at times the writing seems clumsy as if the author is struggling. They’re trying to make it seem stilted because that’s the reputation that writing from that time has got. However good writing of the mid 1800s has a lyricism and rhythm that isn’t here. I’ll admit I’m disappointed. It had legs when it started, however it soon dived into a bad mash up of The Exorcist and an amalgamation of bad Lovecraft fanfic. It even had the lines “The Power of Christ Compels You”, “Tis but a scratch” and “Get of my land” (which I’ll admit I read in a west country accent and those of you who read Viz will know which character I’m talking about). Throw in some lesbian/incest/demonic/gore porn and you really are running the gamut of bad fiction. I feel guilty for writing this as I’m obviously in the minority where this pasta is concerned, but it didn’t do anything for me. 4/10

49, 50
his next entry is far superior. It’s short, to the point, well written and conveys horror in such a way that at the end you’re swearing out loud and have goosebumbs. You then spend the next 5-10 minutes trying to imagine the horrors that the protagonist is experiencing. 8/10

A Story To Scare My Son
You start off reading this, feeling very smug because you’ve figured out what it’s going to be like – what the creepy part is. Then the author decides to pull the rug from under your feet and makes you sit on the edge of your seat. This is short horror at it’s best and anyone wanting to write creepypasta, could do worse than read this and take notes. 9/10

This got my vote. After reading this, I pushed it through to the husband’s PC and got him to read it. He’s not a big reader (he suffers from “word blindness”) but he sat and read it straight through and was left stunned at the end. This story seems heavily influenced by Clarke, Stapleton, Asimov and even to some extent Lovecraft. But when I say influenced, I mean that, I don’t mean it’s a copy. In my opinion, this is science fiction imagination at it’s finest and with a little editing/polishing this could be a 10/10 stunning piece of fiction. It really does scream out for expansion into a full length novel. It’s only a touch of clumsy writing here and there away from a 10/10. But as it is, I’ll give it 9.5/10

I like this, I like this a lot. It’s not creepy, it’s not scary. What it is is very short and very clever. 9/10

Sampson County
There’s not a lot of kind words I can give this one. Badly written, characters doing a full 180 reverse in personality, the word “fuck” being portrayed as ultra rude and ultra shocking, naked satanic cult members and the whole thing having an air of being rushed. It’s as if the author is 14, has had a good idea but didn’t know how to execute it. 2/10

Black Hole Sun
I try where possible to avoid giving spoilers when I’m doing reviews, however it isn’t a spoiler when I say this is a series of character studies, people living their last moments under imminent destruction from a black hole. It’s short – nowhere near as rambling as The Number of Darkness – and it deserves to be longer. In fact I DEMAND it be longer. It’s an astounding piece of short fiction. The amount of character development the author manages to achieve is nothing shot of amazing. Nigh on fully developed characters in a few paragraphs is no mean feat. This was on a par with Leo imo. 9.5/10

Sons of Odin
Written by the same author as The Number of Darkness, It has the same problems. Rambling text and an almost eager desire to show off how much research they’ve done. It’s almost as if they’re desperate to show off as many facts about Norse Mythology as they can while abandoning character development. Shame because it was a good plotline, just not very well exeuted 2/10

The Endeavour
Not creepy, not scary but witty, clever and sharp with excellent descriptive and narrative skills on display. 7/10

Given the title and the accompanying photo at the top, you’re left in no doubt of who this story is about. However it’s a very good pov take on one of America’s most notorious prisoners. A couple of people on the thread itself stated that it needed more gore and more sex. I fervently disagree. Not every story needs gore and sex. In fact the details of this person’s crime are so well known, it’s highly refreshing to see a story that doesn’t include them. Often, less is more and it most certainly works here. 9/10

Mirror Image
A brilliant horror take on body dis-morphia taken to an extreme and obscenely horrific conclusion. I felt nauseated and my skin was crawling after this. Brilliant horror story 8.5/10

Something is Wrong
A classic horror story using a well used formula. Easy to spot the reveal and the ending seemed a little rushed when it could’ve used more detail. However it was still fun to read and delivered the necessary goosebumps.7/10