Crafty Projects: T.A.R.D.I.S Cake box

I thought it would be fitting to schedule this today as my new 365 projects kicks off with our TARDIS wedding cake. There is a much easier way of doing these, which is printing the outline of the boxes onto the cardboard however because our printer isn’t working, I had to hand draw them onto the card. Q saved the day by getting his scalpels out and we spent a cosy afternoon/evening drawing and cutting whilst watching episodes of the cheesetastic MacGyver.

You’ll need

Lightweight card
black marker pen
scissors/craft knife/scalpel
black paint/ink
white paint/white gel pen
paint brushes
gluestick/thin double sided tape



Draw the box on a sheet of card then cut it out (I then used this as a template). The measurements I used were:

Tabs 1 cm high
Panels 5 x 8 cm
Lid and base 5 x 5 cm


Draw in the details with a pencil and then go over in black marker. As you go through them, you’ll find you don’t need the pencil and can go into autopilot drawing them in with the pen. Then fill in the top bar and the top 2 windows using black ink or paint.


Then outline the details in the windows and write in the date the event is happening in the top bar, using the white paint or gel pen.


Using a ruler (or if your card is thick enough to withstand scoring), fold all the tabs and sides



Using a glue stick or double sided tape (something I desperately wish I had used) put glue on the row of tabs (being careful not to glue the tabs on the lid)


Fold in the tabs and glue (I find using a pencil to press down the tabs on the base)


Fold the tabs on the lid and close in. And there you go, a TARDIS cake box 🙂

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