Jaffa Cake Ice cream (Playing with the KitchenAid)

I have a KitchenAid! I’ve always wanted one –  especially after using my mum’s when we were making desserts for the wedding. They’re a wonderful but very pricey gadget. So much so,  I never thought we’d be in a position to own one. However we received a lot of (very unexpected) money and vouchers from our lovely and quite frankly,  generous guests. So pooling it all together,  we bought this!


I had a proper play with it on Tuesday  and found out that


a) it makes perfect cupcakes using the beater tool b) blending all the ingredients in the KitchenAid and blitzing it in the small hand processor, you get the most beautiful hummus


and c) it makes perfect ice-cream. I made Jaffa Cake Ice cream. It’s simple to do and tastes delicious.

In a bowl pour in a 600ml carton of double cream and  3 heaped tsp of orange curd. Start mixing and gradually add icing sugar. It’s a case of adding it until it tastes right.

Pour in a layer of the whipped cream into a freezable tub.


Add splodges of nutella all over then pour in the remaining cream. Add more lines of nutella splodges then using a a  skewer,  drag it across the lines. Freeze for 24 hours then enjoy!

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