I’ve just finished reading: The Flying Saucer Vision 1967


This book was mentioned in The Fortean Times and sounded so ludicrous I had to read it. After a quick search,  we found  copy online (for the grand sum of £2) and ordered it.

It didn’t disappoint. Although published a year before Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods, it pretty much is identical. Namely listing old cultures,  cults and religions as being Flying Saucer cults.

It also gives numerous examples of old folklore and mysteries which I need to look up to see if the author is being accurate. For example he tells the tale of the Hartlepool Monkey Hanging but claims it happened in Derbyshire (whether monkeys were hung all over the UK, I’m not too sure of).

It’s a short book and won’t take long to read. If you can get hold of a copy,  I do recommend reading it just for the sheer entertainment of it all. Some of the abduction claims reads as schoolboy erotic fantasies!

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