I’ve just finished reading: Goodfellas by Nicholas Pileggi (1985)


This is one of my favourite films,  I even prefer it to The Godfather (as much as I love that film). So when I found the book, I was over the moon.

The first thing I noticed was how closely the film stuck to the book,  even down to including some details not specifically referred to in the film,  but they were in the book. Certain things in the film are clarified and given new light. I’m looking forward to watching it again in that respect.

The second thing I noticed is that the book doesn’t glorify the lifestyle as much as the film does. Whether that’s because you don’t have the charisma of actors such as Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci present (Pesci being one of the few actors around that had the ability to make a psychopathic murderer actually likeable).

Even though reading this,  you know how it ends,  you’re still on the edge of your seat,  it’s so well written.

Definitely a book I’d recommend.

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