I’ve just finished reading: Son of Rosemary by Ira Levin


After finishing Rosemary’s Baby,  I felt the urge to revisit the sequel.

The novel begins with Rosemary waking up from a 27 year long coma to find herself in 1999 and everyone preparing for the year 2000. I thought that not enough time was spent on her readjustment (she takes it relatively in her stride), it seemed Levin was too keen to get to the main storyline to pay attention to that thread of the story. Also I’ll admit that sometimes the dialogue doesn’t flow naturally – it seems forced and stilted – but it didnt detract from the storyline. 

It’s very much like Hannibal, in the sense that it feels like it was written specifically for a screenplay and the fact that it hasn’t been made into a film surprises me as if it’s done well, it could work.

A lot of people didn’t enjoy this book and I can under understand why when you take the ending into account – however I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s classic Levin, messing up the status quo and leaving you with a sense of “what if?” and it made me want another sequel to explore where this book left off.

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