I’ve just finished reading: The Second Coming by John Niven (2011)


This was recommended to me by a friend. After her description of the opening chapter I told her not tell me anymore. I ordered it and got it read in a couple of days. Let me say,  this book is astoundingly awesome.

Let me also say that it’s not for the faint Hearted or those who find heavy metal music “the devil’s work”. It’s definitely what many would consider to be blasphemous and controversial but I find Niven’s concept of God,  heaven and hell far more believable than anything you’d find in the Bible.

It starts with God returning from a week’s holiday (1 day in heaven is 57 years on earth). So after leaving to go away when the Earth is experiencing the Renaissance, he returns and spends the morning catching up on 400 years worth of Earth’s history. Deciding that earth has badly screwed it up,  he sends Jesus (a stoner) down to try and sort it out.

Any author who involves screwing around with preconceptions with religion, gets Jesus go on a fictional version of X Factor, makes Hitler a waiter in Hell’s Restaurant doomed to serve rabbis for eternity and George Washington Gordon gang raped by enormous black guys (Be warned,  the depiction of hell is very disturbing) has to be someone worth reading.  Whether you’re a Christian or an atheist that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, I’d recommend this book.

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