I’ve just finished reading: The Colour Purple by Alice Walker


This is one of those books that made a lasting impression on me when I read it for the first time when I was a teenager. I’ve read it a few more times since but not for a few years. So when I was given gift vouchers for my birthday, this was one of the first books I bought.

It’s a beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking, distressing, victorious and at times funny look at the beauty of sisterhood (in the genetic, friendship, feminist and lover sense), abuse, domestic violence and the hardships People of colour faced in the deep south.

The character of Celie is one of determined inner strength, both conscious and sub conscious. She’s inspiring in every way possible considering the traumas and difficulties she faces. Through parental sexual abuse (from the start) to spousal abuse, (both physical and emotional) she comes through it with a beautiful dignity.

Her friend Sofia and her friend/lover Shug Avery both have stories as well that are heartbreaking in their turn. But both are just as inspiring.

If you’ve seen the Spielberg adaptation,  I recommend you read the book as the film while very good, was heavily sanitised (I’d love to see a more faithful adaptation made).

While I heartily recommend the novel,  be warned that it can be immensely triggering for some, but the strength that shines through makes it worth reading.

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