Crafts: Cushion Cover

I had an urge to make some Christmas themed cushions covers, so on the next visit to my parents, I decided to get some material and borrow my mum’s sewing machine. Once I’d been taught how to make the first one, I quickly flew through the remaining three. If you don’t have a sewing machine, obviously it will take a bit longer to hand sew.

You will need:
material for the front cover measuring 17.5 inches square (this will be enough for a standard cushion cover.
material for the back cover 1 measuring 17.5 x 11 inches and 1 measuring 17.5 x 14 inches.

Along one of the 17.5 sides of the 2 back panels, hem. Placing the front panel, right side up, on a the work surface, place the smaller back piece, right side down, and line up with the front cover.


Then place the larger back piece, right side down, on the top. Line up and then pin in place. Then sew along the pinned hem (you need a half an inch hem).


Once sewn, using scissors cut the corners then turn “inside out” (ie the right way).


Around half a cm in from the edge, sew around the edge. This will create an almost piped effect


And there you have it, a simple cushion cover.

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  1. I just learned how to make pillow covers this summer and now I am hooked! I love how easy they are. I haven’t made any Christmas ones yet but I hope to before the holiday is here!

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