Crafts: Christmas Stocking

This is something I’ve been meaning to male for the past 3 years now. This week I finally made it and it didn’t take long at all – around half an hour. If you’re using a sewing machine it will be even quicker. All you need is a large piece of felt and various colours of felts,  thread,  needles, pins, scissors, pattern paper/baking parchment and ribbon.


Cut out from the paper, a stocking shape then pin it to the felt. Cut out and repeat.

Cut out whatever shapes you want to appliqué on, and on one side of the stocking, sew the shapes on.

Line up the two stocking shapes, front sides facing each other,  then pin together.  Sew, not forgetting to leave the top open!  Inside, at the top of the seam at one side,  sew the ribbon on in a loop.




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