Crafts: Knitting

Over the years I’ve tried to learn how to knit,  to no avail. Starting from being a child onwards,  my very patient mum has tried to teach me the fundamentals of how to knit. I’ve always managed to either drop half the stitches or gain more.

A few weeks ago,  I bought some kneedles and got my mum to teach me again. Once again I started dropping stitches,  I created more stitches and my mum had to keep coming over to save it.

When we came back home,  I started searching YouTube videos for tutorials (as I did when starting out crocheting) and found a few videos that explained the basics and practised (it made it easier that my mum taught me right handed knitting).


As you can see, the above piece has so many dropped stitches, it’s raggy,  it looks like I’ve knitted it with my eyes closed, but I’m so proud of it because it shows progress!

I then progressed onto learning different stitches, jotting down the patterns in a notebook. I taught myself how to read patterns (I’m not fully there yet though).




These patterns were so easy to learn.


I started to get addicted to,  so much so,  the husband ordered me some beautiful bamboo knitting needles!

So what I thought I’d do,  starting next week, is to weekly post  a link to a YouTube tutorial, and a photo of my work using it.  Hope you enjoy them 🙂

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  1. When I got pregnant with my daughter I decided I would knit a blanket for her and then I got hooked! I keep making lots of clothes for my kids and most of it I learnt on youtube. Keep at it!

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