Baking: Black Forest Gateaux

Welcome to the seventies,  where your prawn cocktail wasn’t served in a frying pan,  your steak wasn’t served on a piece of roofing slate,your chips weren’t served in an enamel mug and your dessert wasn’t served in a pint glass. Yes,  it’s time for that clichéd favourite – the Black Forest Gateaux.

But is it a cliché?  Somethings are classified as such but do they deserve to be?  It’s no more of a cliché than pan fried scallops,  black pudding and pea puree. Some things just work and chocolate amd cherries are a time honoured,  classic combination and should be celebrated. A Black Forest Gateaux does just this.

I made this because in our house the birthday person always gets their choice of meal amd dessert. Q plumped for Black Forest Gateaux. It turned out more spectacular than I imagined however,  I still really need to practice decorating cakes…

Ingredients for sponge
6oz self raising flour ( – 2tbsps)
6oz butter
6oz sugar
2tbsp cocoa
3 eggs
Pinch of salt
1 tsp baking powder
2 x 19cm loose bottomed baking tins,  lined.

Ingredients for filling
Ganache (see below)
Kir soaked cherries
Morello cherry jam
300ml double cream,  whipped

Ingredients for ganache
250g dark chocolate
235ml double cream

Preheat oven to gas mark 5 and line tins.
Cream together the sugar and butter then add the eggs,  flour, cocoa, salt,  baking powder and sugar and combine thoroughly. Divide mix into the 2 lined tins and bake on middle shelf for 25 – 30 mins,  swapping halfway through. The cake should be coming slightly away from the sides of the tin and a skewer should come out clean with no cake mix clinging to it. Leave in tins for 2 mins then remove and transfer to cooling rack.

Meanwhile,  to make the ganache,  heat the cream in a pan and place chocolate on a bowl. Once the cream has heated through (watch carefully and remove from heat just as it’s about to boil) pour over the chocolate and whisk thoroughly until all the chocolate has melted. Allow to cool.

When the sponges have cooled down,  drizzle some of the Kir syrup from the cherries over them. Then on one sponge spread 4 – 5 tbsp of the cherry jam. Add the cherries then dollop the whipped cream on top. On the other sponge spread 3 – 4 tbsp of the ganache. Then carefully (very carefully) sandwich the 2 together (the ganache side of the sponge should be face down). Then on the top of the cake,  spread more of the ganache and drizzle some down the sides. Decorate with more cream,  cherries and grated dark chocolate.

With this having fresh cream, keep in the fridge and take out 30 mins before eating. I’d advise to eat this within 2 – 3 days.


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