I’ve just finished reading: Discovering Scarfolk by Richard Littler


I’ve been a fan of Scarfolk for some time ever since a random tweet from the twitter account turned up in my feed. I then read through the website,  liked the fb page and followed on twitter. The dark,  almost too close to the knuckle sense of humour /parody was exactly my kind of humour. Then I ordered the book. It arrived on Saturday and I had it finished by Sunday morning. And now I’m an even bigger fan.

The book tells of how the author receives a package from an old fellow student,  Daniel Bush. It is an old archive curated from the 70s from a place called Scarfolk. We learn through the examination of the archive of what happened to Daniel and his family. It’s in turns both funny,  unsettling and downright terrifying.

Littler uses an incredible imagination both through prose and an uncanny ability to accurately recreate posters,  imagery and products from a seemingly alternate 70s that will delight those of us who were children in the 70s/early 80s.

After reading it, (and reading a lot of it out loud to Q who is now a confirmed fan), we were both convinced that if done well,  it would be a brilliant series/film. Then we found out its in development and now we can’t wait.

It’s dark dystopia at it’s funniest and (as is constantly proven) most realistic. Once you’ve experienced Scarfolk you’ll realise you’re living it and see it everywhere.

Oh and beware of pensioners and small children.

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