I’ve just finished reading: Witchcraft in British History by Ronald Holmes


I discovered this book from a tweet by a twitter account that posts pulp book covers. I loved the cover but then took note of the actual title and became intrigued even more. I went online to find it,  put an order in and hoped like hell that the book had the amazing cover. Luckily it did.

Written in 1974, it nonetheless provides a fairly comprehensive insight into the gruesome history of witchcraft and witch hunts. Intelligently and sympathetically written, it has you on the verge of rage at the injustice of it all, throughout the book.

At times its not for the faint hearted. There’s explicit descriptions of the tortures and humiliation these (by and large) women were put through. It also delves into the political motives of church and governments behind the persecution.

It’s not an easy to read book,  it’s very heavy going on the mind and heart,  but if you’re interested in the subject and can get hold of a copy,  then do so.

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