Knitting: Moss Stitch


(Sometimes called the Seed Stitch)

This is one of the more satisfying stitches in my opinion. It’s one that after a while you can just go onto automatic and switch off. It’s also one that the pattern is pretty much instantly apparent after 3 or 4 rows as opposed to some that aren’t until you’ve completed a 10 or 12 row pattern.

It’s essentially a repeat of knit one purl one. After completing each row and turning it over to start the next one, you’re repeating knit one purl one. Think of it as “knitting the purls and purling the knits”.

Studio Knit YouTube link

Double Moss Stitch


Row 1 – K1, *K1, P1*, K1, K1
Row 2 – P1, *P1, K1*, P1, P1
Row 3 – K1, *P1, K1*, P1, K1
(repeat stitches inside the asterisks)
For symmetry work on a multiple of 2 + 1sts + 1 edge st on each side

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