I’ve just finished reading: Garden of Rama and Rama Revealed by Arthur C Clarke & Gentry Lee

These are the last 2 books in the Rama series and they always without fail reduce me to tears. They’re so powerfully written and in my opinion, it’s a testament to Lee’s writing (he wrote them and Clarke edited & reviewed) that they’re actually better than Clarke’s original – even though they received less acclaim.

We continue to follow the adventures of Nicole, Richard and Michael in Rama. Their experiences within the huge craft and interactions with the other species on board. The complex emotions played out within the relationships between the three of them and how they relate to each other.

Then in the second half of Garden of Rama and Rama Revealed,  you’re taken on a roller coaster of emotion as you witness mankind’s propensity to destroy with violence and hatred. The power of  filled emotions such as greed and hatred and a willingness to destroy cultures we don’t understand, even when being watched,  is a distressing thing,  especially in the times we’re living in now.

These two books,  no matter how many times I’ve read them,  always have the capability to reduce me to gut wrenching sobs with literal tears rolling down my face – especially the final few chapters of Rama Revealed. Never underestimate the power and beauty of Arthur C Clarke’s writing.

A lot of people are ambivalent towards the Rama books,  but they are my favourite of all time,  sci-fi novels. I adore them and am forever bemoaning the fact that they’ve not been adapted I to films. Given an opportunity,  using writers and a director who have a genuine passion for the books,  and these could be phenomenal films.

But in the meantime,  please give them a go. They’re stunning works.

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