I’ve just finished reading: The Wraethuthu Chronicles by Storm Constantine


I read the first 2 books of this trilogy when I was a teenager in the height of a goth fuelled hormone ravage. I loved them so much and easily immersed myself into the world.

A week or so ago,  I decided to revisit them,  being quite fearful that I’d hate them and dismiss them. I needn’t have feared. I adored them every bit as much as I did when I was 16.

Although it’s not what without it’s faults.  A lot of the dialogue is stilted and at times clumsily written, however that is easily forgivable as the storyline is good and travels along at a strident pace.

The plotline is simple enough and has seemingly been borrowed from David Bowie’s Pretty Things. Mankind is in the decline and in it’s place has appeared a new race – the Wraethuthu. A hybrid,  androgynous race with both female and male aspects (emotionally and physically). Occult and spiritually orientated, the Wraethuthu battle against man. The three books focus on two main characters,  Pellaz and Calanthe and in the 2nd book,  Swift and Seel also.

It’s pure fantasy and easily readable. If you have teenagers that are wanting something out of the ordinary to read,  I’d definitely recommend them.

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