My Current Favourite Podcasts

As always I’m late to the party – I’ve only just realised how brilliant pod-casts are! I have a few that have me hooked and find myself impatiently waiting for the next episodes. My subscription list is slowly by surely growing. At the moment, my pod cast interests lie in the darker side of life – the macabre, twisted and disturbing. The following are my current favourites.

Screenshot_2016-03-08-11-33-34~01Serial is a hugely popular  investigative journalism orientated pod-cast, presented by Sarah Koenig. There’s 2 series at the moment – the first was about the murder of Hae Min Lee and the man accused of her murder Adnan Syed. The second series is about a soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, facing court martial for abandoning his post in Afghanistan (subsequently captured by the Taliban).

Sword and Scale is a true crime pod-cast that focuses on either a specific crime or a theme. Occasionally contains material that is extremely disturbing (the real life 911 calls are particularly harrowing). The music can be obtrusive and irritating and Mike Boudet’s delivery style borders on offensively melodramatic and sensationalist. However, despite a few misgivings, it’s an interesting one.

Screenshot_2016-03-08-11-32-24~01This is the Marmite of the podcast world. You’re either going to love it or hate it. The series starts off with a few episodes about horror films the quickly settles onto serial killers, cults, witchcraft, occult, (folk)lore, creepypasta, and conspiracy theories. The humour is the blackest of black and if you’re easily offended or triggered, this really isn’t one for you. Approach this one with caution.
Screenshot_2016-03-08-11-32-00~01Written and presented by Aaron Mahanke, Lore can be both fascinating and a little annoying. When the episodes stick to the M.O of the series and focus on folk lore, it’s brilliant. However sometimes it veers off into true crime territory, straying into subjects covered in more depth. Mahanke’s presenting style is good but it can be a bit jarring as his inflections can sometimes resemble an electronic voice!

Screenshot_2016-03-08-11-36-50~01The Black Tapes is a fitctional pod-cast set in the style of Serial. It’s a paranormal investigation into cases and also a side story of an investigation into a Debunker’s life story that has some genuinely creepy moments in it. I’ve only just discovered this one and I’m up to episode 5. It’s got me hooked and I’m trying to pace myself instead of binge listening to them in one day.

What are your favourite horror /true crime based podcasts?



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