I’ve just finished reading: Ruthless by Ron Miscavige (2016)


As soon as I heard that David Miscavige – leader of the Scientology “Church” wanted this book banned, I was eager to read it. By the time I reached page 12 I could understand why – it isn’t exactly flattering.

There’s no earth shattering revelations in it,  nearly all the horror stories have been confirmed and told by ex scientologists elsewhere and for many years. However it’s a fascinating insight into the man from a father’s point of view.

I’m not going to fully agree with certain things Ron says dotted around the book, the concept of pain being an example. If you don’t think about it and distract yourself, it goes away. He’s still respectful and is into Scientology – this isn’t a book that trashes it. However the anecdotes about how the family got I to scientology and how David rose through the ranks, are interesting.

It’s not particularly well written and jumps around a lot, however it’s an easy read made easier by an enthralling subject. It’s also a terrifying study into how easily dictatorships can happen by incremental steps. At the end of it, you’re left with a head full of questions and further reading is required.

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