I’ve just finished reading: The Wicker Man by Robert Hardy & Anthony Shaffer (1978)


This was written five years after the film’s release. Now I’m not usually a fan of film tie ins, but this filled me with hope, having been written by the director (Hardy) and screenwriter (Shaffer). It didn’t disappoint.

Rather than just a rehash of the film’s plot, the novel fleshes out the scenes and gives new insight into the characters, especially Neil Howie’s. Each scene of the film is in here, but they’re not just expanded for the sake of it. More is given to Howie’s inner struggle as he’s increasingly confronted with the island’s religion, practices and attitudes. He’s also somewhat less priggish which is expected as you witness his inner reactions .

The atmosphere of the film is ever present in the book,  and you can’t help but read the dialogue in the voices of the actors –  particularly Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward.

If you’re a fan of the film,  I suggest you read it. If you aren’t a fan, I suggest you read it anyway, you may just enjoy it.

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