I’ve just finished reading: That’s Another Story by Julie Walters


I love this woman so much. Alongside Victoria Wood and Celia Imrie, she’s been such a huge inspiration. Amazing actress,  a naturally gifted comedian, wonderfully funny and warm. Which is how you can describe this book.

It’s packed with anecdotes throughout her life, that are in turn funny, poignant, heart breaking and surprising (for instance, I learned that she had had a 5 year relationship with a certain very famous actor, before marrying her husband. No spoilers).

It’s well written,  warm funny book that I will heartily recommend. It doesn’t take long to read however and sadly I was left with a feeling that she had thought she was approaching her page limit, hastily scribbling down the last few memories before the book just ended. I was left almost disappointed that she hadn’t included more memories. However despite its shortcomings, I’d recommend this for an entertaining read.

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