Knitting: Simple Twist (to the right)

2016-06-03 01.35.41 1

This took me over 90 frustrating minutes to get right. What helped me was watching this YouTube tutorial first.

ROW 1 K1, *P3, K2* P3, K1
ROW 2 P1, *K3, P2* K3, P1
ROW 3 K1, *P3, “Cross 2 right (K)”* P3, K1
ROW 4 P1, *K3, P2* K3, P1

Cross 2 right (k) – knit the 2nd stitch on the needle, passing in front of the 1st stitch, then knit 1st stitch, slipping both stitches off the needle at the same time.

For symmetry, work on a multiple of 5 stitches, + 3 stitches, + 1 edge stitch each side.

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