I’ve just finished reading: The Jesus Scroll by Donovan Joyce (1972)


I first heard of this whilst reading The Fortean Times, and I immediately wanted to add it to my Fortean library. It’s out of print but easily found online.

The premise is that Joyce was supposedly ancient scroll which he claims was written by Jesus (hence the title). I’ll say straight away that this is total codswallop. It reads like a badly written spy thriller. Totally implausible, and leaves with the impression that he had an idea for a novel and didn’t know how to proceed.

However the examination of the gospels is interesting and raises some extremely thought provoking questions. And other times you’re left asking him the question “have you even read the gospels”.

All in all it’s a good read with a bit of thriller thrown into the mix. If you’re trying to build up a library of conspiracy theories, the bizarre, the curious, the paranormal or even just bizarre, this will be a good addition.

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