Coldbrew: The Update

A couple of years ago I posted about making coldbrew coffee and over the years I’ve since refined the process to the point of it being so ridiculously simple. I make a carafe of the stuff once a week and it’s more delicious than ever

150g ground filter coffee – strength 5 if you want rocket fuel. I use Sainsbury’s Double Dark coffee. It produces beautiful rich caramel and chocolate undertones.
Large piece of muslin
1.5lt filtered/mineral water
2 litre empty pop bottle with the bottom cut out.
1 rectangular piece of felt.
Freezer tie/twisty
1 large bowl
1 large jar/bottle/carafe

Lay the muslin in a bowl and pour in the ground coffee. Bring up the sides of the muslin to make a pouch. Secure with the freezer tie/twisty. Place the pouch in the bowl and pour over the water. Weight the pouch down so it stays in the water. Leave for at least 16 hours, periodically squeezing the water from the pouch back into the bowl.

When ready, roll the felt up and place in the neck of the lidless, bottomless pop bottle. Place the neck of the homemade filter into the neck of the container you’re going to be storing the coldbrew in. Make sure it’s securely balanced. Then pour in the filter, the coldbrew. Allow to drip into the container.


Store in the fridge for up to a week and a half.

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