I’ve just finished reading: Madame Blavatsky by Gary Lachman


I’ve been curious about Blavatsky for a while now and when she was referenced in Lachman’s book about Aleister Crowley, I decided to try this book.

Although not much is known about various parts of her life, Lachman researches his subject well and what we’re left with is a close approximation of her life story in reference to the world of Theosophy and other leading theosophists & Occult figures.

She’s known for being The Mother of Modern Spirituality and if you’ve the slightest interest in western interpretations of Occult, meditation, yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, spiritualism etc then you have her to thank. Her influence and knowledge in these areas cannot be denied.

This book not only focuses on these subjects, but also on her personal life and personality. It also makes you want to read other biographies of her colleagues, friends & enemies referenced. My next reading matter is the somewhat daunting Chilcot Report, but after that, I suspect I’ll be returning to this area with a few more biographies. You can guarantee that Lachman’s other books will be included.

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  1. Indeed she was a lady ahead of her times whose soul was rooted deep in the Vedic times. I took a cue from her in my novel. I am extremely fortunate to have known about her through books

  2. I read this a year or two ago, and for a non-theosophist author I thought it was one of the best among the many biographies. Maybe the best biography of Blavatsky is “The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Blavatsky,” by Silvia Cranston, 1993.

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