I’ve just finished reading: Marvin The Magnificent by Ed Rimmer (2014)


Before I begin, I’d like be up front and transparent and declare that Ed Rimmer is married to my cousin. This review is in no way influenced by this fact. It’s my honest opinion & thoughts. If I thought it was excrement, I wouldn’t be gushing about it like I am, it would be dismissed with a polite “it’s good, but not my cup of tea” to spare hurt feelings.

When I saw on Facebook, my cousin announcing that Ed had published this book, I was fully intending it buy it purely out of familial loyalty. I’ll bluntly admit that I was sceptical and had an open mind before I started to read it it. Then I got half way through the first page & found myself laughing out loud and reading it to Q.

“Many times I have wondered who would want to read about a teenage wizard, but it is my hope that this journal will help others following a similar path. Perhaps if Harry Potter had a resource like this to call upon it wouldn’t have taken him all seven books to defeat Lord Voldemort and we would have been able to have more plot lines with Luna Lovegood.”

I started reading it at 17.30 and had it finished by 1.30am. I couldn’t put it down.

I’ve been wondering what’s the best way to describe this book. Think Adrian Mole on nerd steroids mixed with a bit of Satan Wants Me and a dash of Dennis Wheatley. This contains levels of geekery & nerdism that The Big Bang Theory can only aspire to, all the while being funnier and smarter. The protagonist also reaches new heights of creepy-lack-of-social-awareness, while at the same time being likeable. It ‘s funny, it’s smart, it takes you in a direction you don’t exactly see coming and it could very well achieve cult status if given a chance. If you have teenagers, give them this. If you have any interest in geek/nerd/cult culture, read it. If you’re after a funny read, give it a try.

Trust me, this isn’t me saying this out of bias. However I’m planning to reread it soon…

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