I’ve just finished reading: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne (2016)


Don’t worry, this contains no spoilers, I won’t even give you the storyline. All I’ll say is that it provides plenty of open mouthed “wtf” moments and is definitely worth reading just for the storyline. However what this is about is  I’m somewhat annoyed with JK Rowling. This is a rant more than a review because I need to vent a bit.

Rowling has obviously wanted to experiment with a new format, hence a play. However for a lot of families, this just isn’t feasible either due to cost or location. What she’s done is basically tease children in lesser income families. This play is OK to read and you do get caught up in the storyline (even if at times it reads like bad fanfic) but you don’t get immersed and lost in it like a proper book.

In this day and age, we need escapism – some more than others due to their circumstances. Even if a ticket was £5 at a local theatre production & say a family has 2 or 3 kids: That’s 15 – 25 quid for tickets plus travel costs. A tenner for a book or borrowed from a library is far cheaper, practical and affordable. For some people /families, books and the library are all they’ve got.

Either write it as a novel then turn it into a play, or at the very least, release it as a proper,  fleshed out novel later, especially given that Rowling has stated that this is the ultimate last part of Harry Potter’s story – “Harry is done”

Children who have devoured the Potter books are going to struggle with the script format- I saw on twitter someone being incredibly patronising & snide, commenting that it’s obvious some people don’t know how to read scripts. And? Are we now going to start penalising people with no theatrical experience on stage or as an audience member? – and it’s going to cause nationwide frustration amongst the franchises prime market,  the very people who it’s geared towards. This is somewhat cruel for kids, especially those who have just discovered the joys of reading for pleasure and/or who’s families are in no position to pay for expensive trips to the theatre. At least the films can be watched on TV.

As a rule I like JK Rowling very much, but right now I’m not particularly impressed.

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