I’ve just finished reading: Fatherland by Robert Harris (1992)


I had this book on my shelves for years, without reading it, before lending it out and never seeing it again. Then I saw it in my favourite charity book shop for £1.50 and snapped it up.

Ordinarily a book this good would take me 2-3 days to finish, but because this is the school holidays with plenty of distractions, it’s taken me over a week to read. It’s good. It’s very good. Set in 1964 in a world where Hitler was victorious,  “a naked body of an old man floats in a lake on the outskirts of Berlin. In one week it will be Hitler’s 75th birthday and a terrible conspiracy is about to happen”. That’s as much storyline as I dare to give without giving away spoilers.

Harris is an excellent writer and keeps the pace up,  twisting and turning and taking the story in directions you didn’t quite see coming. Can definitely recommend this one.

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