Cooking: Microwave Sticky Toffee Puds

I came across this as basic recipe on a website a few days ago and decided to try them. I followed the recipe to the letter and it was a total disaster that ended up with the puddings exploding in the microwave. Whoever blogged it clearly did not test it thoroughly. So I decided to do some refinements, halved the quantities and had a play by adding the extract, salt, toffee & chocolate. I ended up with these. While they aren’t exactly Michelin star quality, if you’re after a spontaneous dessert, a very quick & easy pudding, these hit the spot.
Makes 4

63g self raising flour
63g butter
63g sugar
1 egg
1 tbsp milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
3 tbsp Toffee sauce plus extra to serve
Handful of dark chocolate chips
4 ramekins

Whisk all the ingredients together.
Grease the ramekins.


Drizzle toffee sauce on the base of the ramekins.


Spoon half the mix in, add some of the chocolate and cover with rest of the mix. Add the rest of the chocolate.


Cover each ramekin with cling film (do not pierce the cling film or the pudding will not rise). Microwave for 1 and a half mins. Allow to rest for 1 min then microwave for another minute. Allow to rest for a minute. If it still feels soft then microwave for 30 seconds more (based on an 800W microwave, adjust for the power of your microwave, but still cook in increments). Don’t try and skip the resting time and microwave all in one go. You risk the puddings exploding. Be patient. Run a round bladed knife around the edges and slip the pudding out.


As you can see,  the pudding ends up with a lovely gooey toffee,  chocolatey topping!


I served them on a dollop of ganache and a drizzle of toffee sauce. They’re also lovely with a thick,  creamy vanilla custard. Definitely comfort food for the incoming chilly autumnal nights and so unbelievably cheap & quick!

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