Getting Crafty: Christmas Bunting

I was looking for a project to make using Nancy (the sewing machine Q bought me for my birthday/Christmas present), and this was perfect. I love bunting – it’s so cheerful. This was so easy to make, I suspect I’m going to make more that are seasonal – possibly involving embroidery.

You’ll need:


A metre of Christmas fabric.
2 metres of ribbon
Square of felt
Sharp scissors
Sewing machine/needle & thread.



On some pattern paper (I use baking parchment) draw a triangle. Pin to fabric and cut out. Depending on how many letters you need – one triangle per letter – you’ll need to cut out double the final number (as backing).


Using the sharp scissors, cut out the letters from the felt. Sew on a single triangle (I use a needle as it’s far quicker than the machine).


Pin the second triangle to the one with the letter sewn on.


Sew together and iron.


Line up the triangles one by one and pin to the ribbon (folding over before pinning). Make sure to leave enough ribbon on either end so you can hang it up).


Sew together 



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