Cooking :Fried Cheese

I’ll make no apologies for this post. It’s high in calories, to the extent where if you’re on a diet/watching what you eat, you can pretty much abandon any hope of counting to your calorie limit for that day.

In the aftermath of the US Election, we all needed some comfort food so I decided to fry some cheese and serve them with curly fries. I ended up making rather too much, so I’d advise on not cutting a ton of cheese in advance. Just do small portions and see how you go.

Mature cheddar cheese cut into sticks
Mozzarella cheese cut into sticks or slices
1 egg beaten.
Panko breadcrumbs



Put the egg and Panko into 2 bowls. Dip the cheese into the egg then coat in Panko. Then dip again into the egg and then the Panko. Repeat until you have the amount you need. Heat oil in frying pan (You’ll need enough to liberally coat the base). Fry over a medium heat until breadcrumbs are browned & crispy. Remove onto kitchen roll to drain. Serve with fries or a salad if you really want to fool yourself 😉




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