Knitting: Fleur-de-lys pattern


I’ve always wanted to know how to knit a pattern intonation piece of knitting and I decided to give it a go yesterday. I ended up with a pattern from a YouTube tutorial from one of my favourite channels Studio Knits. It’s such an easy one to follow.

I’ve written the pattern out below. I’ve used B for the block colour and F for the Fleur-de-lys colour. K is knit, P is Purl. *Repeat*.

R1 – KB3, *KF1, KB5*
R2 – PF1, *PB3, PF3* PB2
R3 – KB3, *KF1 KB5*
R4 – PB2, *PF1 PB5* PF1
R5 – KF2, *KB3 KF3* KB1
R6 – PB2, *PF1 PB5* PF1



It’s a very quick pattern and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

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