Knitting: Brickwork

Spurred on by my success with the Fleur-de-lys pattern, I’ve been trying out others. This is a very effective one that is ridiculously easy to do. I found this tutorial on YouTube and it’s refreshing in that it doesn’t have an annoying voice and more importantly no annoying music, so that you’re spared the waffle.

K means “knit”
P means “purl”
SL means “slip stitch”
WYIF means “with yarn in front”
WYIB means “with yarn in back”
** means repeat the stitches
Colour A is the accent colour
Colour B is the block/brick colour

ROW 1  – A knit row
ROW 2 A purl row
ROW 3  – B K4 *SL1 WYIB, K5* SL1 WYIB, K4
ROW 4  – B K4 *SL1 WYIF, K5* SL1 WYIF, K4
ROW 5 B P *SL1 WYIB, P5* SL1 WYIB,  P4
ROW 6  – B K4 *SL1 WYIF, K5* SL1 WYIF, K4
ROW 7  – A knit row
ROW 8  – A purl row
ROW 9 B K1 *SL1 WYIB, K5* SL1 WYIB,  K1
ROW 10 B K1 *SL1 WYIF, K5* SL1 WYIF, K1
ROW 11B P1 *SL1 WYIB, P5* SL1 WYIB, P1
ROW 12B K1 *SL1 WYIF, K5* SL1 WYIF, K1



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